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Arch Supports, Insoles, Orthotics and Foot Supports.Made in Germany. We make "OTC" arch supports for plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, heel pain, achilles tendonitis, high arches, flat feet and other foot pain conditions.  Our insoles are perfect for cold and warm weather and make shoes fit better. Pedag has orthotics and Insoles for men, women & children. Shoe Care & Shoe Horns too! See below for your complete Pedag collection:

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What is an Orthotic (commonly called Arch Supports)?

 An orthotic is an insert, either soft or firm, that is placed inside a shoe. It is classified as either custom or over-the-counter.  Custom orthotics should be made by a podiatrist or a physical therapist who has experience treating foot and ankle disorders.  The best over-the-counter orthotics are available at comfort shoe stores, from chiropractors and podiatrists and better shoe repairs.  Custom orthotics and arch supports can be expensive ($400 or more) and therefore you should not spend more than $60 on an over-the-counter orthotic.  Pedag's most expensive orthotic item (Point Plus for heel spur relief) costs less than $36.00 and our most popular items Viva and Holiday (Viva Mini) cost less than $30.00!

How do orthotics or arch supports work?

Hundreds of scientific studies have been done to determine how orthotics and arch supports work.  Orthotics perform three major functions:

First, orthotics help disperse forces across your foot so one specific area of the foot is not getting overloaded.
Second, orthotics help slow down pathologic motion, such as over pronation or over supination.
Third, orthotics improve your foot's awareness of its position in relation to the ground.  This is a subconscious, neurological awareness, which is probably why orthotics feel good when you put them in your shoes.

Do I need a custom orthotic or arch support?

Although over-the-counter orthotics and arch supports are effective but custom orthotics work better for serious foot deformities and other serious conditions ; therefore, custom orthotics are used when over-the-counter orthotics fail to relieve symptoms. If you would like to try an "over the counter" orthotic before investing in a custom orthotic please see our list of suggested Pedag items for various common foot conditions. Custom orthotics are usually made out of highly durable materials that last longer and are more expensive. When a custom orthotic is necessary, it is crucial that a podiatrist is involved, as the wrong type of orthotic can actually make people feel worse or even cause a different problem.

How long do orthotics and arch supports last?

This depends on the type of activity. The more running one does, the quicker the orthotic will wear out. Over-the-counter orthotics and arch supports typically last about one year. Custom orthotics usually last three to five years � sometimes longer. With children, replace orthotics every one to two shoe sizes, depending on comfort.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has more information about Orthotics that help explain the types and purpose of orthotic foot supports.  Pedag is proud of the fact that 9 of our best selling orthotic foot supports have been awarded the APMA Seal of Acceptence for promoting foot health.

Caution: Severe pain in the foot and ankle should be diagnosed and identified by a podiatrist or orthopedist or other foot specialist.  Once the condition is identified correctly, treatment options can be discussed with your doctor.  Even severe foot pain can be eliminated with the correct medical intervention, most times without surgery.  Use our website's list of foot conditions to start your own research into your condition.