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"S.M" likes Solar

I purchased these insoles to go in my fire "bunker" boots. I work at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, and our airfields are on snow and ice surfaces. The steel shanks and toes in our protective boots suck the heat right out of your feet - so much so that most of my colleagues use "toe warmers" in their boots every shift!

These insoles are spectacular - they're thin enough that they don't really change the fit of my boots, the insulation is comfortable without being TOO spongy like some insoles, and the aluminized layer keeps the cold out below and the heat inside my boots.

I would recommend these without hesitation to anyone who has to stand around on cold surfaces for any length of time, especially in footwear that isn't designed for cold weather. I've already given a pair to a colleague, and he's as excited about them as I am.”




Winter Collection

Ski and Board Longer

  • Solar Plus/Viva Winter
    This anatomically shaped winter insole includes 3-layer protection from the cold.  Pure wool for warmth in wet weather.  An insulating foam uses air warmed by the foot.  An aluminum reflector on the underside
    Resists cold from the ground.

  • Solar
    Solar without the orthotic: Warmth for ski and boarder boots. Extremely warm, yet exceptionally thin. Three-layer thermal protection:  Pure wool against the feet.  High tech foam insulates the foot.  An aluminum reflector shield resists ground temperatures.

  • Pro-Active XCO
    Pro-Active XCO (Extra Cushioning Orthotic) is designed for high impact boarding and mogul skiing.  Pedag materials provide high elasticity to better cushion the feet by absorbing ground shock. Pro-Active also includes a high tech foam layer that traps air pockets to insulate the foot against cold.  For sensitive skin too.

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Ultra-thin Orthotics for Any Snug Boot

  • Viva and Viva Mini
    These thin leather full or ¾ length semi-rigid foot beds provide longitudinal arch and plantar support, a metatarsal arch and a heel support.  Add arch support to your boots to increase endurance. Your feet will feel and perform better, longer.  You'll be less tired after a long day outdoors. Perfect thickness for fitted boots.

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“Best Boot Insoles on the Market”

  • Viva Outdoor
    Our orthotic firmly supports the arch and entire plantar area, the forefoot and heel. Made of hardwearing, non-abrasive, jute felted for comfort and thermal warmth.  Active carbon filter neutralizes foot odor.

  • Solar & Solar Plus/Viva Winter
    Solar without and Solar Plus/Viva Winter with full orthotic support of the arch and entire plantar area, the forefoot and heel. Both with warmth for ski, cross country, snow shoe and boarder boots. Extremely warm, yet exceptionally thin. Three-layer high and low tech thermal protection:  Pure wool against the feet.  High tech foam traps body heat and insulates the foot.  An aluminum reflector shield keeps cold from the ground away from your feet.

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Après Ski

  • Pascha
    Long fiber lambskin shearling wraps the foot while the cork sole insulates from the ground.  Total cold weather comfort.

  • Angora
    The hairs on the angora rabbit are extremely fine and silky-soft.  Natural angora is the fiber that manufacturer's try to imitate artificially with so called "thermofibers". The hairs on an angora rabbit contain millions of microscopically tiny air chambers. 

  • Alaska
    Lamb's wool on top of anti-slip latex, perforated for air circulation.  Cozy.



Winter Boot and Shoe Care


  • Water Guard
    Serious protection from winter snow and wet. Repels dirt, stains and grime.  Uses nano technology to for intense protection.  This product will not harm your boot's waterproof membranes.

  • Suede Color Restorer
    Protect your suede and nubuck from water and fading. Restore the color of your shearling boots and slippers (even handbags, clothing and furniture).  8 colors and neutral.


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